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You sign up to a race with an ambitious goal but don't quite know how to get there? New to trail running? New to Ultra races? 

That's where I come in. 

With a grounding in the science of sport through a Sports Science Bsc, UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness qualification, UESCA Running qualification and ultra/trail event finishes I'm well equipped to help you structure your training in a way to get the most out of your running from 5k up to 100miles. 

What's included? 

  • A fully personalised training plan updated every 4 weeks based on your feedback and my analysis 

  • Access to Final Surge to view your sessions 

  • Structure and progression to achieve your goals 

  • Goal setting and mindset advice 

  • Race day prep and strategies 

  • Unlimited text/whatsapp communication- queries, major plan amendments  

  • Strength and conditioning work to help prepare you for your race 

How does it work? 

Once a month we will speak to discuss how your training has gone; sessions that you've liked/disliked, time and days you've got in your schedule to run and what we're aiming towards. 

I take that and put together a 4 week plan to help you achieve your goals with progression and structure at a pace to suit you. Your plan will be flexible, you have control to move sessions within a week to fit around those times when your spouse takes you away for a surprise weekend or you get a sickness bug and can't train. With easy to understand sessions viewed on a dedicated app.  

Why work with me? 

I've worked with a number of coaches over the years and felt really looked after and a little abandoned in equal measure. With that personal experience, my grounding in sports science, UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness qualification and my United Endurance Sport Coaching Academy qualification, I'm well versed in what works as a coach and what doesn't. 

Couple that with my weekly group coached sessions at ETO Running Club and you're dealing with someone who knows how to help people improve their running performance.  

Most important to me, is you and I building a rapport and finding a training philosophy that works for you to achieve your goal.  

No cut and paste training plans. Everyone is different, everyone's training plans are different. 

Coaching: Services
  • Online Coaching

    Every month
    Bespoke Coaching Plan
    • 100% Bespoke coaching plan based on your lifestyle
    • Updated based on your feedback and my input every 4 weeks
    • Flexibility to adjust your training plan via a dedicated app
    • Structure and progression to achieve your running goals
Coaching: PaidPlans


Marie Carter

Damian’s coaching was an excellent experience. Having the online coaching achieved several things in the build up to the half marathon. It was great for discipline. Every week I knew what I had to do. It kept me on track and motivated. It also gave me a proper tailored plan to follow. I therefore knew I was properly ready. It also made me think about each run as I had to give feedback.

Neil Sheppard

Overall an excellent experience.

An excellent programme with professional guidance from Damian. The coaching sessions have been a great benefit to me, giving me structure, discipline, some flexibility and technique to my running - without this I would be running without a plan. I would suggest this programme to anyone who wants to improve or start on their running journey

James Barrett

The ETO online coaching was a very good experience.

It was great to have a plan and regular feedback. I don’t think I’d have been ready for race day without it.

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