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Sports Therapy

Do you have pain or injury that affects your ability to embrace the movements you love? Whether playing sport, enjoying exercise classes, walking in nature or playing with loved ones. Dani is here to help at Embrace the Outdoors Sports Therapy - Follow this link to find out more about Dani's story

I am passionate about providing a professional, friendly and welcoming environment, in which I will work with you to address your injury and movement concerns. I consider the bigger picture to encourage long term results and benefits to your physical wellbeing. 

Leg Injury

Injury assessment and treatment 
1 hour £50

A comprehensive assessment will be undertaken, helping you to understand the factors affecting your pain/injury. Then I work with you to develop an effective and individualised treatment plan, focused around your goals, helping you embrace movement again.  


I can assess a range of musculoskeletal injuries from chronic back pain to acute knee pain and will use treatment techniques such as: mobilisations, massage, exercise rehabilitation, pain education and physical wellbeing advice within these sessions. 

Sports massage on leg

Sports Massage
1 hour £50

 A tailored Sport Massage with advice and education to aid mobility and recovery will be designed to meet your needs.


Sports Massage can be a very affective way to ease muscular tension from exercise, posture and life stress. As well as aid recovery or assist preparation for those important movement events...

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